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Insomnia. Again.
September 10, 2007, 12:10 am
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Hey, kids…it’s the late show again…

One thing about blogging that has been beneficial is that I can keep track of when these sleepless times hit each month and sort of plan for them…or at least know that they are going to happen.

Random bits of nothing to follow:

1) It was a busy weekend. I fielded almost 60 student e-mails about various aspects of their paper, due tomorrow. The least impressive? That 2 am text-msg note (after closing time, obvs) on Saturday night asking me where they could find a copy of the assignment, as they wanted to start on it in the morning.

2) It was a busy weekend. I graded two sets of papers, prepped for all my classes, created and posted the next paper assignment for both my big classes, wrote a draft five-year plan for my program, and also wrote a faculty line request (blah blah paperwork blah blah).

3) It was a busy weekend. I took my daughter to her dance classes, spent an ungodly amount of money on dance shoes and dance lessons, and watched her do tap and jazz. It was one of the highlights of my day on Saturday.

4) It was a busy weekend. I have pretty much finished up the paperwork for my tenure application.

5) I still haven’t done my book review. Maybe I’ll get around to that this week. It’s not like I’ve been messing around or anything. I just really haven’t had the time to do it.

6) have noticed that Boston is still up on (though losing their lead over) the Yankees with 18 games left to go. Is it possible…just maybe…that they might…no. I can’t say it.

7) I had a long phone conversation with my mom tonight. My godmother is dying (perhaps willing herself to die — with these Callahan women it’s very hard to tell) and I will probably not get to see her to wish her well on her crossing over. Our family tries to hold the wake as the person is dying, a multi-day feast to ease them out surrounded by love, joy, and singing…it helps the other family members too, I think. And then if they don’t die, well, we’ve all had a good party nonetheless and we’ll claim that the miraculous power of family prayer has done its work. (Do the Irish in Ireland do this? Or is this one of our other cultures’ traditions? It’s odd to know intellectually that “what we do, which is who we are” came from someplace, yet not have any idea where it’s really from.) My aunt and uncle will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next week and I’ll miss that party too. I am missing so many family events while stuck up here running as fast as I can just to keep from falling down.

Well, it’s now after 1 am. My alarm was set for 5 but I don’t think that’s going to work.


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Ick. I hope you get over the insomnia.

I get periodic bursts of something similarl (usually when I’m stressed about things). I go to sleep normally usually, then wake up about three hours later and every 5 – 30 minutes after that until it’s time to go to work. Really not helpful.

The wake thing is really interesting. I like the idea, but I don’t know if I’d be very comfortable with it.

Comment by magniloquence

I know…I understand that it’s something that if I hadn’t been socialized to it young, I probably would find it bizarre as hell. It’s not like a frat party — more like a family reunion, with a lot of food and people playing guitars and reminiscing about all the good things that the person has done. When my father died rather suddenly a couple of years ago, I realized that one of the social functions of this death tailgating was that there are lots of people around to handle the work of the funeral, to deal with the sudden need for lots of food to feed mourners, and to make sure that the bereaved done have too much silence in their lives all at once. It also makes it clear that death is just one more part of life. I think that it might account for why I’m so comfortable making my living among the dead…it’s just a small step from where I am.

Comment by bridgett

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