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She doesn’t need any promotional work from me, but damn….
September 7, 2007, 6:29 am
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I do love me some Pussy Ranch. Authored by a former Iowa grad student (Gerald, do you remember her?) who then went on to use her formidable graduatey brain as a Minneapolis stripper and sex worker and sex blogger (hence the name of the blog), who then wrote a book about the experience that is very good, who then wrote a screenplay named “Juno” that got picked up by Jason Reitman, who then has been chronicling her experiences becoming a Hollywood writer (newsflash — the money is better, the people kissier, the mojitos colder, it’s all true what they say about California!), and who is now doing the rounds of various film festivals promoting the movie.

Oh, and still making funny pop culture observations, like this one, where she’s talking about her addiction to MTV’s Engaged and Underaged:

“I know how stupid it is. Even MTV knows. I could write for hours about how I know MTV knows how breathtakingly stupid the premise of their show it, but I have to pack for Toronto. Seriously, I have evidence. The editing of E&U is so wink-wink, so meta, so condescendingly clever that they might as well animate dunce caps onto the heads of the betrothed.

I use this knowledge as an excuse for my enjoyment of the show. It’s not reality TV, it’s a text. This is a semiotics lesson.

Also, I like watching 19-year-old lesbians fight in the car.”


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And who doesn’t like watching 19-year-old lesbians fighting in a car?

No I do not think I remember this person – and I should think I would. Do you?

Comment by Gerald

Diablo Cody is the sharp, funny, sexy, “let’s wear our underwear on the outside” person that I’d like to be and was heading toward until I turned into an archive dweeb…two roads diverged and I took the one you walk in black socks and clogs. Reading her blog is kind of like playing Second Life, only it costs a lot less and I don’t actually have the time to play an alternate version of myself.

Comment by bridgett

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