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Racing form update
September 4, 2007, 9:47 pm
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Many senior people from all over my “stable” have now agreed to strongly back my “horse.” I’m getting a lot of good
advice and help, not too many people aware of the problem with attempted equicide (is that right as a coinage, nm? latin with latin?) so there’s not too much gossip and stink…so it looks like my “horse” probably wll pull through after all.

Tomorrow’s the first time I have to sit in meetings and talk conversationally with the person who wanted my
“horse” dead, however. I really would rather not, but no choice. It’s one of those things that just has to be done. I suspect that others (including the current and immediate past department chair) are more put out than I am, as I have other things
that I have to worry about right now.

Like a lot of unfinished class prep. Got to get on with it now.


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Who was it at UI who had that list of people the department had turned down as “not up to their standards” and who then went on to stellar careers elsewhere?

My money is on you. You are, no contest, the brightest light from our cohort from Iowa.

Back to my own class prep.

Comment by Gerald

Equicide is a fine coinage. You know, though, it should probably be Greek. I don’t know the Greek for -murder. But it ought to be Greek. Charioteers were all the time scheming against each other, practicing hostile magic, doping the other guy’s horses, all of that.

Comment by nm

I know this is probably unhelpful, but, for what it’s worth, I really really understand what you’re going through. For 20+ years I watched as my mom battled in the trenches of academia. Most colleagues are great and very supportive, of course. But what outsiders often don’t understand is that just because it is a very intellectual set of people, the natural human penchant for vicious competition isn’t suddenly suspended, and professors can be as competitive as doctors or lawyers or any other field. The intellectual-level doesn’t always tamp down the backstabbing or raise the ethics (though it SHOULD) and, in fact, the high-level of education often means even s8arper, more effective tools to plunge in the backs of people. Every professor has enemies.
Mom’s hands weren’t spotless either. I saw her do some expert revenge tactics (not her finest moment, and she later regretted it). But it’s not uncommon for professors to try and crush perceived enemies, and I’m sure some wield the pen without a hint of conscience.
I’m really sorry you’ve had to go through this…. 😦
My thoughts and support are with you!

Comment by Nick Dupree

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