My Beautiful Wickedness

Points of departure.
September 4, 2007, 12:48 pm
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The long weekend helped to get everything in perspective. I spent a lot of time just thinking things over about the job and whether I wanted to stay or not, why had things taken me so by surprise, and so forth. It’s always wise to spend some time with your head, because you wind up being more at peace.

After this check-in, I’ve realized that I have some choices and they are not, thankfully, of the
bad and worse variety. I’m going to dig in and turn to my broader networks of support on campus; I’m grateful that
I’ve heard from the minority report early, so now at least I know what it expect on that front. I can make a good case
for myself as tenurable (a very good case) and beyond that, it’s out of my hands. (Three computer scientists, a developmental psychologist, two education professors, and a professional saxaphonist comprise my committee — strange
but true, no historians will get to evaluate my work!)

And I can also, simultaneously, be moving on. I have a pretty good book manuscript that needs to be published.
I have some articles that need to be sent out. If the college decides that I am not a suitable fit, then I can move myself
into the best possible position to go elsewhere.

What I can’t do is continue to tear myself up about stuff. It’s wearing me out and it’s counterproductive. Whatever happens, I still have to go to work every day and I can help to determine whether or not that’s a bearable experience by holding fast to who I am and detaching from the drama.

Jo(e) posted this lovely photo that spoke to me this morning. I hope you see in it both a point of departure and a way to hold those things close that you need to have handy.1315861086_a4bbf22509.jpg


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