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September 4, 2007, 8:45 pm
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My Beautiful Wickedness

Replace the last person’s answers to the questions with 5 of your own.
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What were you doing ten years ago? (Five things)
1. Living in Coralville, Iowa.
2. Enjoying my first full year of dissertation research fellowship.
3. Doing archival research in Indianapolis.
4. Organizing for the UE.
5. Hanging out with my husband (married just over a year).

What were you doing one year ago? (Five things)

1. Starting fifth year at my current job.
2. Finding out that I’d won the top dissertation prize in my field.
3. Enjoying having my husband back from his year at Ole Miss.
4. Taking my daughter to dance practice.
5. Really hitting my groove in teaching.

Five snacks you enjoy.

1. Chocolate covered raisins.
2. Boiled potato and butter.
3. Raw carrots.
4. Cold pizza.
5. Berries and milk.

Five Songs you know the lyrics to…

1. Any Elvis Costello tune written prior to 1991.
2. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off. –
3. The Very Thought of You –
4. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
5. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
(I’m a human jukebox.)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

1. Pay off my house
2. Invest one year’s salary.
3. Set aside tuition for my kid through college.
4. Spend a couple of months traveling — I really want to visit Barcelona so I can see all the Gaudis, I want to go to Bilbao to the art museum there, I want to visit the Uffizi in Florence and the Louvre…just to be in the presence of some of the things I never can dream of seeing
5. Fund scholarships at elementary and secondary level of education for low-income students. (The money is there for college, but early nourishment of aspiration is the key to later success.)

Five Bad Habits.

1. Procrastination on academic work (hey, look, a meme!)
2. Quick to judge on incomplete information
3. Avoiding the phone
4. Verbosity.
5. Authoritativeness. (Sounds better than know-it-all, I guess.)
6. Hoard. (Working on it. The “de-crap my life” campaign is doing pretty well.)

Five things you like to do.

1. Read
2. Sing
3. Drink red wine.
4. Watch musicals
5. Walk in the woods.

Five things you will never wear again.

1. stretch vinyl
2. cheetah print
3. mohawk
4. safety pins as accessories
5. pink puffy lace prom dress

Five favorite toys.

1. Red (my red doll)
2. Pink (my pink doll)
3. MacBook

I don’t have a lot of toys.

Five things you hate to do.

1. ask anyone for help
2. rush
3. shovel snow
4. yell at my kid
5. kiss ass

Ok…I am changing this somewhat. Now I’m supposed to name my tags, but I think I’ll let you guys decide whether you want to do this or not. And of course, if you don’t blog, you can always do the meme or a portion thereof in the comments.

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I don’t think I knew about the prize. Belated congratulations! Which prize was it?

Comment by Gerald

It’s the Westerners’ International for best dissertation in western history. I also was the runner-up for the Lerner-Scott Prize for Women’s History, but I totally agree with the committee’s decision on that one. My work is more focused on gender than women and the person who won is really doing exciting research squarely within the parameters of the award’s stated purpose.

Comment by bridgett

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