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Damn. Damn. Damn it. Damnity Damn Damn.
August 30, 2007, 10:13 pm
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I cannot catch a fucking break this week.

Aforementioned very bad thing happens at work.
Other very bad things happen as a consequence of that first very bad thing.
Work life is like walking through a post-apocalyptic smoking crater where the happy bunny field had been.

I go to get my eyes checked. The glasses my health care plan will “pay for” (meaning the glasses that I have pre-paid for by investing $20 a month for the last two years into an eye-care plan that can only be used every two years…jesus, do they think I’m stupid?) are not the glasses I want or the glasses that look good on me. The glasses I want are half-frames. The prescription I have is used by Coke as the design for their new bottles. So, I have to get plastic frames. But all plastic frames are now squatty and teeny, too teeny to accomodate my multi-focal prescription….without the magic expensive process that costs an extra $200. So I’m going to look like a NASA engineer, circa 1964, and it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg. Sweet.

I come back home to find that Seattle has lost. This means the Yankees are now ahead in the wildcard and my man Ichiro has let me down.

This day has just got to come to an end. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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It sounds like we have exactly the same “eye care plan”. When i run the numbers of what they will pay for versus what I have to pay to get it (as an add-on to our regular health plan) I’m losing money. There is no incentive here at all for any preventative care.

I just found out a few weeks back that I am one year at most from bi-focals.

Oh well.

Comment by Gerald

With my eyes I long ago cancelled our Vision Service Plan. I figured I would have better coverage if I
a) put my money in a coffee can
b) bet on the dogs.

I’m so sorry your day roundly sucked.

Comment by Katherine Coble

I’m sorry you’re having a bad time – hopefully things will get better soon.

Comment by RockyCat

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