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Holy cats.
August 28, 2007, 12:35 pm
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Announcing the “enchanting” novel Garden Spells, a title that won out over The Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Magical Realist Who Likes Water for Chocolat in the House of Spirited Fried Green Tomatoes .

This could be a perfectly lovely book, but it just sounds so evidently a plot mash-up of a lot of other things that I’m being a trifle cynical. It also bugs me that my book-reading profile suggests “lonely romance novel reader with a dysfunctional Southern family who enjoys cooking, gardening, and reading not-very-spooky books about the occult.” Get out of my cookie folder, you snoopy Barnes and Noble recommender thingie!


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I got the same email! Thought of Joanne Harris especially, but your other references all ring bells too. I’m not lonely, nor a romance reader, nor a Southerner, and I’m not big on cooking or gardening, either. But I probably did buy one of the books in your mashup title from a B&N retail store, with my discount card, for a book group (no, really!), so now I’m forever marked.

Actually, I’d rather read a book titled “Holy Cats.” But only if it’s a very spooky book about chilly Northern single people who have no kitchens, no gardens, and no lovers….

Comment by Penny

I don’t think you need to worry about this being internet profiling. I got exactly the same e-mail ad. Unless this book has hidden market appeal for the “single middle-aged SF geek who reads about Greece, Rome, and Africa” we were probably just the subjects of mass mailing.

Comment by Gerald

I would totally read “The Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Magical Realist Who Likes Water for Chocolat in the House of Spirited Fried Green Tomatoes,” just for the fun of it. Then again, I read not just The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, but Ya-Yas in Bloom, and my little sister read all of the Traveling Pants books, and my mother loves Like Water for Chocolate (and I loved Chocolat), and I’m pretty sure she’s read, watched, or made us read and/or watch the other’uns.

Which is funny, because it’s not at all any of our chosen genres. My mom’s religion/spirituality/history, I’m sci-fi/fantasy/social justice, my middle sister is Those Af-Am Novels That All Seem To Be Vaguely About Sex, and the youngest one doesn’t really read if it’s not for class. Heh.

Comment by Magniloquence

I, too, have read a couple of the Ya-Ya books and House of the Spirits and I’ll watch any movie with Chocolate in the title. I went through about a year right after I got married when I set myself the task of reading at least one Harlequin novel a day (I bought them for a buck a bag at the library book sale — they were good bus reading because they were so formulaic and I never minded if I lost one in my daily rounds) so I have no kick against romance novels of the pulp variety as long as they have some richly metaphorical sex. (The more inappropriate the figure, the better I like it.) I also used to really like magical realism — sufficiently so that I made modern Latin American lit part of my Latin American reading list for my comps.

Heck, maybe I’ll pick this book up and see if it’s any good.

Comment by bridgett

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