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August 23, 2007, 9:12 pm
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My daughter got her first pair of glasses today. She barely needs them, but she is SOOOOOOOO excited by being able to change her appearance. (Have I communicated the degree to which she is stylish? Not girly, but very…stylistically aware, interested in accessorizing, puts together interesting and unusual combinations of clothing that look good, understands proportionality and cut in a way that I still don’t. It helps that she’s got a little girl dancer body — whiptight and tall, so everything looks nice on her.)

Anyhow, her glasses are fabulous. She picked them out with no help from either parent (just told her they had to be out of the certain pool of frames covered by our health insurance) and they are so fantastic that I am thinking about letting her pick out mine. She’s got light brown, sort of blondish hair and wears a lot of blue, green, and purple — so naturally, she picked out a subtle purple metallic frame in a neat shape.

Although she’s only supposed to wear them occasionally for clarity at distance, she’s so intrigued by the whole novelty of wearing glasses that we’ve caught her sneaking off to model them in front of her mirror. Thank god she’s eight. No self-conciousness at all as there might have been later. Now it’s just pleasure.


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My daughter always helps me pick out frames. She got all the style genes; I’m hopelessly impaired.

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