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August 15, 2007, 12:19 pm
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I should be posting to look all smart and interesting and worth returning to read later, but instead, I spent the morning drafting beginning-of-the-year memos for our WST programs. Head-bangingly dull but necessary.

While you’re here, though, could you give me some ideas? I’m trying to organize a Love Your Body Day event on October 17th and I’m guessing many of you are as well. What are you guys doing?

Here’s the link, which for reasons unknown was being kind of evil when I tried to hotlink it:


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Hunh. I’d never heard of this until you mentioned it.

The first thing that sprang to mind for me was ‘picting’ … something we did at my school involving stripping naked, painting yourself blue, and running around campus screaming and hugging people. I, ah, think that would probably be rather difficult to pull off at other places. And I’m not sure that’s a good starting place for the body image lovin’. I rather think ‘runing around naked and happy’ comes well after ‘accepting what you look like without clothes.’

Their What You Can Do list sounds like a good start…but it’s kind of generic. What kind of budget are you working with? How relaxed is your campus culture? Would people throw a fit if, say, you celebrated by putting a card, a piece of chocolate, and a condom in everyone’s mailbox? (Our safer-sex group on campus actually did this twice a year) Do you have staff/volunteers/a club to help you run things, or do you need to be able to set it up and just have it run by itself?

Comment by magniloquence

Budget? We have no budget. Seriously. Our projects are funded on an ad hoc basis — usually anything under $100 is ok, but anything over $200 might be pushing it. There is no feminist conciousness to speak of in the campus as a whole, though we have some pockets of awareness and activity. We might have a VOX intern, but we might not. We used to have a VOX chapter, but like all student groups, the personnel is in flux and it’s hard to plan anything that falls early in the school year because there’s little continuity from year to year. We definitely have a program assistant working 10 hours a week, but I have to be prepared for the possibility that I’ll be the only faculty member involved in setting it up and running it myself as the other faculty in the program are stretched to the max between teaching, parenting, and campus service commitments.

It might help too if I tell you the goal for this. It’s come to our attention that despite the hard work of our previous director (who got a regional conference into play, did a great job of getting more courses on the books, and wore herself out promoting WST), few students know that my college HAS a WST program. That blunt fact is a real obstacle to, you know, building the program or having it work as a center for feminist activism and academic endeavors. So part of my job is really basic. We have to find ways to get ourselves out before students. Since our student body is nearly 3/4 female, LYBD seemed like a good place to start to get at some things that we already know are on the minds of our students — body image, sexuality, self-acceptance, and health.

Comment by bridgett

at my undergrad campus, we had a naked tea. we got together in the women’s center and had tea while naked.

the first question my mother asked when i told her about it was “did you at least put towels down on the furniture?”

Comment by Emily

That is the most awesome tea ever.

Comment by Nick Dupree

A temporary wall of life-sized self-portraits, or just silhouettes, painted in as each subject sees fit… Handout bags of green tea (can be donated by a grocery store), each teabag wrapped in a “Love Your Body” reminder (could be a set of different wrappers, with body-positive quotes by women writers–those would be fun to track down)…. Might be able to get donations of lip balm, sunscreen samples, condoms, small mirrors, nail clippers, nutrition bars, etc., too. If you get enough goodies, they could go in a brown bag with the Love Your Body reminder as a sticker on the outside, AND a pamphlet about the women’s studies program inside. (And maybe some other local contact numbers, like the campus health center, various prevention hotlines, the campus safe-escort service, etc.)

Comment by Penny

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