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Things I want to do in the next five years (random thinking)
August 9, 2007, 6:22 pm
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1. Finish life purge by December 2007.
2. Finish home renovation by August 2009.
3. Entertain at home at least four times a year.
4. Safeguard time with family by refusing time-sucker “service” gigs.
5. Attend daughter’s eighth-grade graduation and locate high school that is a good fit for our family.
6. Enjoy my life. (Honest. I need to learn to chillax. Not procrastinate. Relax.)


1. Tenure.
2. Take a sabbatical.
3. Publish my book.
4. Start another (possibly co-authored).
5. Make regular writing/research time.
6. Send four talented students to appropriate PhD programs.
7. Mentor junior colleagues and help them achieve professional success.
8. Develop professional stability for my husband and myself.


1. Visit Hadrian’s Wall.
2. Spend a couple of days in Edinborough.
3. Take a trip through the Republic of Ireland.
4. Take the ferry from Barcelona to Genoa.


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I’m right with you on visiting Hadian’s Wall. I’d love to visit Vindolanda.

Comment by Gerald

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