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Can a cat be posthumously knighted for its service to humanity?
August 7, 2007, 2:27 pm
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Reading along in a British newspaper today when I came upon this. You’ll need to read to the end to see why I thought this was worth posting.

“Andrew Lloyd Webber is sad to announce that Otto, his Turkish Van cat, was this morning killed on the road outside the family home in Berkshire.

Otto joined the Lloyd Webbers as a tiny kitten in January this year and has been a much-loved addition to the family.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I am devastated by the needless death of Otto. He was a magnificent cat, unbelievably affectionate and without doubt the most individual character of any cat I have ever known. He was loved by all the family, particularly the children. Otto‘s death reinforces my long-held belief that the speed limits on our country roads are far too high…”

Otto attracted a great deal of attention during his short life. Earlier this year he deleted the score to the Phantom sequel from Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s digital Clavinova. Andrew Lloyd Webber said he would dedicate what he remembers of the score to Otto.

We can only hope he gets another cat. And soon.

Edited to add:

Oh, yes…a sequel. It’s going to be called “The Phantom Of Manhattan” and crimes against musical theatre are currently being commitment by Lloyd Webber and LW’s co-conspirator, Frederick Forsyth. Quick, someone fetch the Punjab lasso!

You have no idea how much trouble I have had convincing John that this is not a hoax story. I have taken the position that LW very well might have invented a “dog ate my homework” BS story to mask his despair over his “utter shite soda pop commerical sounding piece of crap” draft, but he’s told the story any number of times. I found it on the BBC, the Daily Mail, Playbill, his own website…and yet, John is still more or less unpersuaded that a cat peeing in the motherboard of a digital piano could completely fry the motherboard. Maybe I should let him talk to Ginger?


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Otto‘s death reinforces my long-held belief that the speed limits on our country roads are far too high

Otto’s death reinforces my long-held belief that people shouldn’t get a cat if they let it roam all over Berkshire.

::Does double-take::

Did that say “Phantom SEQUEL”?!??!

Oh God, deliver us from this.

Comment by Katherine Coble

Sure Otto can be knighted. An investigation just wrapped up in this big ongoing political scandal in Britain about corruption concerning who gets on the “honours list” for titles. Evidently it is all about who you know and who you pay.

What really made me chuckle about all of that is the idea that this is now a “corrupt” practice. That used to be how the whole system was SUPPOSED to work.

Frederick Forsyth – please someone tell me this isn’t the novelist who wrote “The Day of the Jackal.” That would be just too almighty weird.

Comment by Gerald

Yep, same guy.

Comment by bridgett

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