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Don’t resist your life.
August 4, 2007, 9:47 am
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Anyone ever read John Kochalka’s “The Cute Manifesto?” It’s a work of art criticism in comic art form, more or less occurring as a conversation he’s having with himself about the relationship of “quality” and “craft” to “art” and “form”. He concludes that craft is an enemy that silences more than it liberates. For Kochalka, art is the act of turning oneself inside out and art is not a method of communication but a mode of understanding. If you already understand what it is that you’re trying to do with a piece, you’re illustrating rather than creating art. The art act does not depend on one’s ability as a draftsman. The title piece is something written after the birth of his first child, in which he discusses the falsity of striving for edge when the world is miraculous at its heart. He concludes that he is bound to reject nihilism and connect to the deep rhythms of human experience as a means of being honest in his art. Hence, the aphorism “don’t resist your life.”

Oh, there’s plenty to argue about with his positions (honestly, he’s a young buck and he’s ranting like a young buck — those of us who have passed the prime meridian of life might have already thought through some of this, if we were inwardly inclined) — but it was bracing to be in the presence of artistic urgency. And he’s not as didactic as I’m making him sound. More that he’s trying to grope around and figure out his position by talking out loud. Maybe because I’m kind of in a personal creative rut at the moment, I think I need to think more about what he had to say and have my own conversation with the wall.


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