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Why Humans Have Sex.
August 1, 2007, 11:06 pm
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Uhhhh….Because it feels good?

Why….yes! After years of study, researchers Meston and Buss have demonstrated what we all could have told them over a couple of rounds at the local meat market bar. Well, at least now we have some numbers, I guess.


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this is sort of like
“Studies Suggest Men Like Breasts”

Comment by Nick Dupree

When I was at UI, the Medical School announced the completion of a major study that concluded…wait for it….that there was some naturally occurring chemical in coffee beans that stimulated one’s need to pee. As Iowa City has one of the highest coffee-shop to resident populations in the US, I don’t think that came as a surprise to any of the grad students…

Comment by bridgett

Self evident studies like those above make me want to run for my calculator, and I’m math impaired…what I always want to know is…

Exactly *whom* is the fool that A. Dreamed this one up or B. Paid for it and C. How much green was spent???

Comment by imfunny2

Did you know the government paid $20 million to do a study where they crash two cars into each other at various speeds and see which car takes more damage, the big car or the small car?
Result: the small car is always crushed by the big car.

Comment by Nick Dupree

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