My Beautiful Wickedness

Well, that could have gone better (part of a continuing series).
July 15, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Many things were learned today and now I can be one of those annoying older people who will speak with the voice of experience…but honestly, it didn’t take having the experience to know that it wasn’t a good idea to varnish one’s ass to the floor. (Don’t ask. I needed a new pair of shorts anyhow.)

The sanding and staining and caulking and washing and masking and painting are all going ok. The furniture strip? Not so much. When the environmentally more benign product (which handles nicely and is absolutely not caustic or fume-intense) says that the dwell is going to take a long time, they mean it will need a change-of-address form. It did not help matters that I had to cover the piece in plastic because of a freak thunderstorm about two hours in…that probably slowed the processing a little and knocked off the gunk. Thanks to a neighbor with a dandy Red Devil razor-chisel, I finally started popping finish roughly 9 hours from the time of application and I think I probably would have been better off just swelling it with a wet towel or something. And SURPRISE! The piece I thought was hardwood has a great hardwood top (where I test-sanded) and was a plywood veneer everywhere else. Gah, what a screw-up. The piece looks like complete shit now and I’m still going to have to hit it with a power sander just to get it evened up enough to paint. I really should have just left it alone. The stuff is insanely sticky (coupled with the stain, especially) and here’s a tip I’ll give you for free: just because you can do it without gloves or wearing shoes, you really shouldn’t unless you’re going for the full Katamari Damacy experience.

I am blogging in our bedroom — the room where all the work is going on — and I realize that the uncomfortable jabby thing under my leg is a razor saw. Yikes. Must remember to pick up and put away tools…


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