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Pointless expository post
July 11, 2007, 9:46 pm
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You all know that I’m stupid crazy about Elvis Costello, right? Oh, not the person, for I do not know him. I mean, the thought of him (the very thought of him…) — that idea of someone fierce and clever, tender, savage, catholic in tastes, arrogant, out-sized, dramatic, Romantic, leering, but only slightly compromised. He was my imaginary reader, the person to whom I wrote the letters that I never sent and whose role as imagined has unleashed torrents of words that helped me make palpable half-formed feelings and thoughts. I said once in my old blog that in that dramatic way one has when one is 19 and edging from passively suicidal to more actively intent on self-harm, I capriciously decided that a world that contained Elvis Costello was not wholly without charm and so I decided to stick around. I get that the “real” person is not the concocted imaginary, that he can be difficult, loutish, rude, complicated — like someone once said of Stan Getz, he’s a nice bunch of guys. Since I will never have the pleasure of prolonged acquaintance, I don’t figure that matters much. He’s a character in a very good performance and that’s sufficient.

(This is not at all like my Aunt Mary’s “romance” with Frank Sinatra. That was sort of…detached from reality. Never say that my family can’t bring the crazy. Maybe I’ll blog about that some day.)

I started this post with the intention of busting on his many unfortunate choices in the romance department, by way of busting on his current wife, Diana Krall. Her “white wine jazz” never has done much for me — I hear the Clooney influence, but she doesn’t quite have the courageous phrasing). When I stumbled across her exceptionally precious contract rider, I had thought of piling on, but now I think I’ll leave it at the link.

So, I lacked the will to be mean to a total stranger. Sue me.


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