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AL wins! AL wins!
July 10, 2007, 11:12 pm
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Yeah….the All-Star game. Ichiro hit an inside-the-park home run, which was cool, for which he was given the MVP. And he wore the stylie-est skinny white satin tie during the MVP ceremony and a skinny Italian suit — damn fine lookin’ man. Wish he played for the Red Sox.

Kid has a Griffey shirt from our trip to see the Reds last year (long time readers will remember the crazy trip to meet my mom’s new boyfriend…). She was psyched that he hit 2 RBIs, but we sent her to bed long before the end of the game. She’ll be distressed that Griff didn’t pick up the MVP.

And in other baseball news, tomorrow we’re going to another minor-league game. Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets affiliate) and our home-town TCVC (Houston). Rumor has it that Lastings Milledge is going to be playing A-Ball just to stay loose and to finish out his rehab tour (broken foot, big ego) before he goes up to play for the Mets next week. Our team just hasn’t gelled at all this year, so it is nice to think that there will be someone on the field who can actually hit the damn ball.


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Doncha love minor-league ball? Prince Fielder was with the Nashville Sounds until the middle of last year.

Comment by nm

Yes, I love minor-league ball. We wound up (due to a rain suspension on July 4th) getting 2 rounds of great fireworks, a pony game, and a double-header for $12. That’s for three front-row first-base line tickets, no charge for parking, fifteen minutes from our house — and the guys try their asses off and are still jazzed about getting paid to play ball. I contrast this with my last major-league experience, where I was in nosebleed expensive seats paying $15 to park watching guys who couldn’t be bothered to run out their pop flys. I like major-league quality, but I just couldn’t afford to go to MLB games with the frequency I’d like and still pay my mortgage even if I were somewhere in range of MLB parks.

Comment by bridgett

You can’t beat baseball for wonderful names…Lastings Milledge, ahhhhhh. And nicknames..Bob ‘Death to Flying Things’ Ferguson.

I’m totally pumped the AL won again. This may be one of the few things that Yankee fans and BoSox fans can agree upon.

Comment by john h

Growing up, I got such shit for being an AL fan. Now, ha! and Ha! again.

I have to say that baseball is just better when Jim Leland and Tony LaRussa are managing. I like them both.

Incidentally, we got rained out today again. Wow, the rain — hard to believe there could be a drought anywhere. So it’s a double-header tomorrow.

Comment by bridgett

Yes, if only they still played baseball over in the AL you’d have something to crow about indeed.

Not that I hate the DH or anything.

Comment by nm

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