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Love song to white paint
July 2, 2007, 9:28 am
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I love white paint.

My bathroom is going to look like something designed by apostles of the early 20th century Sanitary Movement, or maybe like Nurse Ratched’s office — but it will be fresh, clean, and bright. It’s a tiny little added-on bathroom stuck in where the house’s pantry used to be, so the white will make it feel a little bigger.

The hole in the bathroom ceiling has been patched, there’s going to be a new toilet paper roll holder (meaning I can finally throw away the broken rickety standing spindle that moved with us from our apartment in Iowa City)…new white caulk to replace the old nasty “can’t possibly scrub this clean though I try every week” stuff we inherited when we bought the house…the weird green masonite (who thought that was a good idea? The same guy who thought he should paint most of the rooms battleship grey, I guess) and the 1960s self-stick linoleum squares are outta there…

Ahh. White paint.

Other repairs yesterday included filling a lot of teeny-weeny nail holes, sanding those down, masking off, painting a ceiling in Kid’s room, and other shoulder- and back-straining activities.

Gotta get back to it. Tell me funny home repair stories in the comments.


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Even better, I’ll post pictures of some of the wallpaper I’ve encountered in my house. Really, who thought green wallpaper with strawberries printed on it was a good idea for a slanted bedroom ceiling?

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