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If I never sand anything again, it will be too soon.
July 2, 2007, 7:23 pm
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I wish, when I had been showing Kid how to fill nail holes, I’d been a little more careful about the implement of destruction that she was using. However, when you hand a kid a small plastic knife and something spreadable, you shouldn’t be surprised when she frosts the holes with wood putty rather than just fills them. And when that bitch sets up…

A 45-minute job turned into a 4-hour marathon of sanding, with all of us sadder but wiser. Experience is a good teacher. She now says that “I won’t be doing it that way again.” Unfortunately, in her enthusiasm to be ultra-helpful, she also frosted the nail holes in the woodwork in our room. So tomorrow is going to be another sand-a-thon.

But hey hey! The downstairs bathroom is starting to look pretty spiffulous, if a bit on the stark side. My husband likes very modern minimalist stuff and while I’m starting to come to his way of thinking (because Scandanavian furniture is comfortable and functional and hardwood is easy to clean), I’m still a child of my original social class — displayed stuff makes me feel prosperous and secure. I think, though, I’m getting clutter burnout. Having a kid will do that to you.


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