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July 2, 2007, 12:43 pm
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But here, you really do want something funny to read, do you not? Well, darkly humorous, anyhow? Never say I do not oblige.


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There was an article in “Entertainment Weekly” a couple of weeks ago talking about the decline of “torture porn” – evidently the opening week box office has been declining on these pictures.

The bizarre part – for me at least – was that they seemed to be mourning this fact. Maybe this is just my creeping old-foggey-dom, but I would think the decline of something christened “torture porn” has to be called a GOOD thing.

Comment by Gerald

GAAHHH! No! I meant the darkly funny story underneath that about the author’s attempt to get a bikini wax and the subsequent complications…nothing even darkly funny about “torture porn.” I have changed the link.

Fuck. Now I wonder how many casual readers think that I’ve suddenly showed a creepy side…what a dumbass I am.

Comment by bridgett

I was a bit surprised, but then it has been a few years… 😉

Comment by Gerald

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