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Folie a cinq
June 28, 2007, 1:43 pm
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Folie a cinq is a very rare diagnosis — it’s what one would call an SPD, or Shared Psychotic Disorder. (The whole phenomenon of SPDs were first reported on in 1860, by Jules Baillarger…he called them folie a communiquee.) Unlike individual psychosis, the folie a cinq is a collective manifestation of grandiosity, persecution, or both. Delusions, while powerful, are not necessarily bizarre; SPDs sometimes are given credence within particular religious or political subcultures. Adherence to the delusional set forms an important marker of belonging and personal identity. How SPDs work (psychologists think) is that the delusions are first manifested in a dominant personality (usually an intelligent or socially well-respected figure) who then influences persons with weaker personalities and lesser intelligence to adopt, perpetuate, or modify these delusions. The more hostile and at-odds the reality environment becomes to the maintenance of the delusional ideas, the more progressively dramatic the delusional display as the “system” members attempt to maintain cohesiveness within the context of their fabricated shared delusions.

This explains a lot about today’s Supreme Court decisions.


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