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Answers to questions implied by my Google Hits….
June 28, 2007, 9:47 am
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1) Yes, rhodendendron flowers are poisonous. Do not use them as a food additive unless you want to make yourself or your dinner guests really sick.
2) Random morning sickness sucks. Have you tried SeaBands? They are wristlets that have a plastic bump that presses on the accupressure point that lessens nausea. They helped me. One of the big lies about morning sickness is that it’s going to be limited to the morning…I puked pretty much all day every day for about a month. Many old wives tales indicate that the hormonal tides that cause morning sickness are a good index of fetal health, but I don’t know if that is scientifically supported or not.
3) Bluegrass cover songs are exceptionally numerous and the last thirty years have seen amazing cross-genre adoptions. These are frowned upon as “fotched on” by purists, but let’s face it — it’s been a long time since string bands met on the courthouse steps to pass down 17th century folk songs. If you’re looking for a group that does a good job with covers, try Del McCoury Band. And if you’re looking for the tabs to “Fox on the Run,” they can be found pretty much anywhere.
4) I do not know Amanda Ocampo. I can’t pass on messages to Amanda Ocampo. I don’t have her phone number.
5) Yes, I guess old women like sex, but whether they care for it that way or not is probably a matter of taste.


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Ummm… My being ignorant has caused me to be confused.


Comment by Gerald

If you look at your blog stats (left column, under Referrers), you will find that there’s a section on Search Engine Terms people have used to find your blog. Obviously, this tool can be very beneficial to build traffic (you know what people are looking for — in my case, that would be more Amanda Ocampo footage) or just give you some insight into the lovely questioning mind of the hairless ape.

Some mornings, it’s pretty boring. People looking for song lyrics or Robert Frost poems. But some mornings, I get terms like “bluegrass cover songs” and “rhodendendron as ingredient dinner poison” and “random morning sickness help” and that request for photos of old women performing a specific and unusual sexual act that cracks me up too much to type. These seem to imply questions, so I took a shot at answering them.

Comment by bridgett

Okay, gotcha! I am less ignorant now, and therefore less confused. Thanks.

I was getting lots of “sopranos reaction.” Today I had “steve biko in hotel rwanda.” I think this person might also have been confused.

Comment by Gerald

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