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Ancient Geek History Round-up!
June 27, 2007, 11:50 am
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Gerald over at Virtual Bourgeois is discussing the identification of Hatshepsut’s mummy. Put that in your canopic jar and smoke it, Thutmose III!

And Nick, at Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue, comes at us with the astonishing fact that the Scythians based their descriptions of griffins on fossil remains, probably to keep competitors away from their Gobi desert gold fields. That explains the connection of griffins with rapacity, I guess. He also does us all the favor of linking to the Museum of Natural History’s Mythic Creatures exhibit. How cool is that? I think my family’s going to have to go down to NYC next month!!

And finally, my own bit, but not so upbeat. I see that the Vatican is closing down its archive for 3 years, with limited on-line access beginning April 2008. Although US researchers can still go to St. Louis, I guess, it’s really not going to be the same…and I just wonder how many grad students are going to get stranded due to this long-overdue renovation. Maybe people in the field had a lot more warning than the general public. As it’s not a library I ever expect to use professionally, I was somewhat surprised by the announcement.

Any other ancient wonders to share?


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No, but there’s a petition you can sign about keeping the Vatican Library open:

Comment by nm

YAY!! You mentioned me.
Awesome. 🙂

Comment by Nick Dupree

I read that the Vatican Library has the only remaining original copy of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius….

Comment by Nick Dupree

Griffins, cool!

Thanks for the mention.

I got a fair amount of traffic yesterday, and I didn’t write anything about the Sopranos at all…

Comment by Gerald

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