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On the scale of plumbing problems to have…
June 26, 2007, 9:20 am
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a leaky upstairs toilet dripping into the downstairs bathtub through an unrepaired access hole in the ceiling (we’ve had this problem before) isn’t the worst. It’s inconvenient, but it’s not a shit fountain and it can be temporarily resolved by just turning the water off. But as I said, we’ve had this problem before. Last August. And after some discussion, we’re calling the same plumbing company to come over and fix it again, hopefully fixing it right this time.

Home-owning is one of those things that when everything is going right, you just totally take it for granted. That’s why it feels like such a pain in the ass when something (even a little thing) malfunctions. You just want to whine “can’t someone else take care of this?”

The really suck part is that now my husband can feel vindicated for not repairing the hole in the downstairs bathroom ceiling despite some periodic “when are you planning to fix that? It’s going to be a year in August.” discussions. You might wonder why I don’t just fix it myself. Well, partly because I didn’t make the hole — I wasn’t even in the state at the time that the hole was made and I wasn’t consulted about the wisdom of cutting a big-ass hole in the only solid ceiling in our house — and partly because I leave the tall repairs to the tall person in the household. My husband never has to worry about renailing baseboards or laying linoleum or anything low, but he does have to change the lightbulbs and fiddle with the ceilings.

This really is beginning to blow my baseball buzz.


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As you know, I have the opposite problem. I had a drippy kitchen faucet that turned out to require a new faucet, not just a washer. Putting in a faucet is within even my limited plumbing skills – except for one minor complication. I am too frickin’ large to fit under my kitchen sink. Even if I weren’t too fat, I’m still too tall.

Luckily, I’ve got friends!

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