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A great day for baseball!
June 25, 2007, 8:03 am
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We’re going to a single-A minor league game tonight — the first live game I’ve gotten to go to this year. The Astros affiliate that we’ll watch has yet to win a game this season, but that might change. (They just need better fans.) It’s Pennant Night and Fireworks Night (as well as the ever-popular but unofficial “Hey, they’re selling a local microbrew” Night). Kid ever so casually mentioned that they have two new bouncy-bounces at the park and an “expanded kids area with carnival themes” which makes me know that she’s seen a commercial — she likes the game ok, but she also wants the kettle corn and a visit to the jumpy. I’m really looking forward to this. When we came back from vacation, I confess that I was bummed. Back to cooking all my own meals, cleaning all my own dishes, in a house that looked like it had been the site of a major feline
fluff-bombing. I had trouble thinking of things to look forward to in the short-term and it just seemed hard to restart my home-summer of class prep, book revision, and domestic chores. I was always walking uphill. So this is just a little jolt to my fun center to see if I can’t quit feeling so lethargic.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention why it’s a great day for baseball where my Major League interests are concerned. I had to put up (more or less gracefully) with razzing from Yankees fans in mid-June, as the Yanks went from 14.5 games out of first to 9 games out in a week. Now one might wonder why finally breaking .500 and being “only” 9 games out of the AL East would make a fellow put on their BigTalking Pants, but there was a lot of that going around about ten days ago. Well, now it appears that the Power of Yankee Positive Thinking is being checked by mediocre pitching, a former steroid user who has some off-field troubles, crappy defensive play, and general lack of bat. They are back at .493 and 11.5 games out.

Baseball builds character. For Sox fans, it instills anxiety, humility, and a fear of August. Yankee fans could learn a thing or two from a long suck-streak. Would it be unsportsmanlike of me to hope that they get their chance?


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The Yankees turn will come…I just wish’d hurry up…

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