My Beautiful Wickedness

A puttering day.
June 24, 2007, 11:05 am
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I’m making bread, roasting chickens (yes, plural…I roast a couple at a time, one for that day’s dinner and one to cut up to use in chicken salad, burrito filling, etc throughout the week), fixing some sun tea, sweeping up two weeks’ worth of cat hair, and so forth. I might do some embroidery or teach Kid how to sew beads onto the capes she’s been making for her dolls. Just puttering at whatever I take a mind to do. Whatever I wind up doing, it’s going to be quiet, low-key, and at my own direction. I’ve spent too many weeks in a row engaged in group activity or having to do things on someone else’s clock. Today, I move at my own speed, which is slow and unbloggably boring to anyone else.

Tomorrow, I might talk about the recent wave of recitals, or mull about what the closing of Antioch will means for those of us in the underendowed private liberal arts biz, or maybe I’ll talk about my brother (who is celebrating a birthday today), but until then…nothing to see here. Move along.


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