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Some editorial work
June 15, 2007, 12:27 pm
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Regular readers will notice that some recent posts have been deleted and others amended slightly. There are two reasons for this:

1) As part of the maturing process and as a result of some growing up that I’ve done at the beach this week, I have reconsidered the wisdom of indulging every petty, catty, irritated thought I have about my extended family. It focuses my attention on their flaws and keeps me in a place of judgmental adolescence that I need to get on by. They are just people, like any other. They may have a bad case of O.D.D. (Odd Duck Disorder), but I’m no prize myself.

2) Print is too durable a medium. It well could be in the future that my tech-savvy niece and nephew could stumble across these pages and share their discovery around. What I’ve written now might not reflect my feelings on cooler reflection and it won’t do me credit at any rate because I sound like a whiny brat. While blogging as venting is a viable short-term strategy and has made this vacation not just bearable, but enjoyable, one doesn’t need to preserve the venting forever.

Sure, everything on the intertubes is forever. Anyone can find anything. But I don’t have to keep it in my archives for easy retrieval. I guess that’s self-censoring, but I prefer to think of it as realizing that I said some things that probably shouldn’t have been said and to do what I can now to not be more hurtful.


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Sometimes we all forget how easy it is for anyone to access our pages.

A bit of ‘housekeeping’ does no harm at all 🙂

Comment by Philip

Hey, you are a historian! The selective editing of public memory is your job… and the selective editing of personal memory is just part of being human.

Think of this as more a secondary than a primary source. This is the new edition.

Comment by Gerald

Oh, I’ve retained the posts…but in my diary rather than my public blog. That’s the right place for them.

Comment by bridgett

And Philip, Hi! Thanks for dropping by and come again soon.

Comment by bridgett

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