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Oh, but before I go
June 15, 2007, 10:12 pm
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Some links to keep you all busy and some context for why I’m sending you to them:

Well, I love the photo over at Listmaker’s place today. My mom had a great wildflower garden when I was a kid. We’d tramp around and retrieve jacks and trilliums and all manners of other things to put in our side shade garden. This photo today brought back many happy memories for me, since that house and grounds no longer exist. (Yes, my childhood home was destroyed and replaced by a Walmart parking lot. It’s all good. The money my parents got from the sale gave them security that they’d never really had before and my brother moved the wildflowers and most of the roses and other flowers before the paver got it. The big trees…well, not everything can be saved.)

Next, go visit RockyCat, who posts a picture of a beautiful yard flower that I used to pick by the armfuls when I was a kid. The sunny cheery color of this “weed” was great and I was allowed to pick as much as I wanted. This particular species didn’t come to North America until 1879 from Europe (the seeds came in the grass that they used in packing trunks), but it sure did find a place that it likes now.

You should also visit Seahorse, not just because the photos are stunning but because she could use a supportive word as she and her advocates kick some bureaucratic ass. Nothing pisses me off more than dilatory and willfully ignorant behavior by the powerful that amounts to negligence. (And for more on that front, pop over to Imfunnytoo’s.)

So basically, others photoblog so I don’t have to.


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Thanks for the mention, Bridgett. I hated my childhood home, but I wouldn’t want it replaced with a Walmart.

Comment by listmaker

Thanks for the shout-out! Yellow hawkweed, huh? Who’d a thunk it?

Comment by RockyCat

Thanks Bridgett. Things are calming down, for the time being. It’s partly the amount of people, assessments, opinions etc that can prove overwhelming.

Comment by seahorse

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