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As the other posts today might indicate…
June 15, 2007, 6:14 pm
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today has been an awesome day. Everyone but the kids (anyone over 42 and a half) left and we had a sort of a relaxed rules day. Snacks were consumed on the beach itself. The mandatory high tide junk inspection was ignored. We made a huge castle complex with a keep and an abbey and serf huts and fields and roads and moats…then we made a temple complex with a peace garden in the middle of it…

And we swam and found sharks teeth, identified some new to us species (never had seen an oyster toadfish before, though I guess they are common enough, watched a crab chew away on a tiny unlucky dog shark who had lost a battle with the tumbling tide) and found a sawfish snout in the drift line. We chased some willetts, collected shells and bits of smoothed glass, swam some more, bodysurfed, took a very long nap, took a walk…watched my kid cartwheeling down the beach with her pigtails flying…someone came by to show us a blue crab and another person had the remains of a Portuguese Man of War in a tub (we haven’t seen so much as a jellyfish, though we have seen a lot of different kinds of crabs — ghost crabs, mole crabs, etc) and saw some snowy egrets over in the estuary behind the house.

Pretty much everything you could want to do at the beach. Including just sitting down with a cold Pepsi and feeling happy and lucky. A day like this gives you some perspective


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