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SYTYCD — Round of 20 (or I opine on junk TV)
June 14, 2007, 9:41 pm
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If you don’t watch or care about So You Think You Can Dance, this post will bore the hell out of you.

Well…America voted and what…the…fuck? Is everyone out to get the contemporary dancers? Ricky, the guy with the best leg extensions (for non-dancers, this means, for example, that he can not only hit an aerial split, but he takes his legs into a semi-v backwards…while soaring…) and arguably the best contemporary technique on the show got canned first thing. Ok, so Ricky was somewhat of a strange ranger (and did it seem to you that Cat Deeley, the show’s host, was afraid to give him access to the microphone), but he was fluid and beautiful to watch. As opposed to D-trix, the B-Boy that looks like John Leguizamo. He does sick hard B-Boy tricks (back spins, flying v spins, head spins)….but I am betting that I have already seen his full vocabulary of movement. He’s strictly a solo artist. He’s going to keep suuuuucking when he’s in partnered dances, even though he seems like a pretty charismatic person. The third guy is just…wow. I really hope Cedric continues to pick up choreography in the partnered dances. He already has my heart because he looked sick and scared when he thought he was going to get cut. I get an Ivan vibe off of him, some kid for whom this is the first meaningful break he’s gotten.

The ladies, too…I have to say that the war on contemporary/lyrical (which is mad hard to do…it requires great strength of limb and core, huge performance skill, and exquisite technique to make it look right) is proceeding on schedule. I didn’t like Ashlee’s personality, really — she was so cool with God’s plan for her life as to be a little anesthetized, maybe I just gravitate to a little more “war of doubt and faith” types — but I could not argue with her dancing. Again, she’s probably the
best contemporary dancer in the competition…so of course, O-U-T spells OUT. (Back to being one of the Kilgore College Rangerettes…or as one of my readers call them the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Kicking Jailbait.” Faina is gorgeous and sexy, but unless she gets paired up with Pasha (who I think is the only ballroom man in the competition), she won’t be able to work her own style. And Sabra is delightful and I think is a good performer, but I expected her to be cut because the quality of her pairs performance wasn’t terrific ( and…cynically, I expected them to cut the black girl first.)

So…I thought the quality of the dancing overall was high, I was pleasantly surprised by Lacey Schwimmer (who I thought was going to be an annoying goofball, but maybe is going to turn out to be ok)…I think it’s going to be a good season.


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