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Things I learned today
June 12, 2007, 9:35 pm
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Sorry, but my bloginator is broken. Bullet points it is.

I stepped on the only white spiny sea urchin between here and Cape Cod. In the dark. On an otherwise clean swept beach. And you may be wondering to yourself “How does she do these things?” If there was money in suffering stupid accidents, I’d be a millionaire.

Today was my kid’s half-birthday. She was completely surprised when we broke out the cake with 8 and a half candles, sang her the half-birthday song, and got her the footwear of her pre-pubescent dreams. Lime green knock-off Crocs — now with extra doodads. (Found them for $7 at a beach shop…and seeing as her flip-flops blew out yesterday, I could get her a new pair of summer shoes without feeling like I was spoiling her.) To get the goods, my husband and I had to go By Ourselves to an Unauthorized Store and Purchase Something Not Approved By Controlling Persons Who Shall Remain Nameless.

Mother-in-law dotes on her littlest granddaughter — how can we tell? She made brownies…with frosting and pecans. She’s got her moments.

Sunscreen is the instrument of Satan. That is why it sets my eyeballs aflame every time I use it. It makes swimming in the morning no. fun. at. all. So tomorrow, I’m going to just go without (at least on my face) and see what happens. I don’t burn easily anyhow, so I think I should be ok.

Evening swims (when the sun has lost its intensity) are the best. I could stay in until I pickle.

Tomorrow my husband and I have our annual date at the beach. It should be fun.


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