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Eight more random things (courtesy of a tag from Hutchmo)
June 11, 2007, 1:32 pm
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John H. has an appetite for random blurts:

1) My earliest ambition was to be the Notre Dame leprechaun.
2) In 1976, I won an “If I Were President” essay contest (sponsored by the Avon Garden Club) on a platform of mandatory safety glasses and steel-toed shoes for all factory workers. The boy who won the essay contest along with me got a $50 savings bond for college. I got a cookbook.
3) I can read 150 pages an hour average, twice that if it’s a Harlequin Romance. Bite me, Garden Club ladies.
4) I am a lousy vegetarian. I like barbecue and hot dogs too much to get off the meat wagon entirely.
5) I used to be a mezzo-soprano, but now I’m pretty much an alto.
6) Some day, I want to learn how to tango.
7) We inherited a Steinway baby grand and I’ve actually learned to play it in the past two years. It gives me a lot of pleasure just to make chords when the house is dark and empty.
8. I was a long-distance swimmer in high school. I did between two and three miles a day. The rhythm of long swims (the repetitive motion, the discipline of regular breathing) acts like meditation and gives you a chance to sort out your head. Now I lack the time and endurance to do that, but I could still benefit from the mental regimen.

I think I am more interesting in print than I am in person, which is not saying much. I know it’s customary to tag others…I like all my readers, so anyone who hasn’t had a go at this (or wants to have another go at it) should give it a try.


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I’d say you are very interesting either way, although your grammar is better in print…

Comment by Gerald

“The boy who won the essay contest along with me got a $50 savings bond for college. I got a cookbook.”

Just Damn.

Comment by Slartibartfast

And people still wonder if feminism is a solution looking to invent a problem…

Comment by bridgett

In a life which is not infinitely long, on a planet full of heartbreakingly good things to read, why would you *ever* spend time on a Harlequin Romance, even at 300 pages per hour?

Comment by John Gruver

When I was pregnant, they were the perfect length and density for bouts of morning sickness. I would eat, read a HR, yop about 45 minutes later as the book was winding up, and then recover. Also, they were excellent for pissing off my mother-in-law, who was torn between being excited that I got 50 of them for a dollar and aggrieved that her son had married someone with such low-class leisure reading tastes. That alone was worth the dollar.

Comment by bridgett

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