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Time to go…
June 7, 2007, 11:40 am
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As mentioned last post, it’s time to bail out of the workaday and leave this sorry mess behind for a while. (Well, not everyone…the housesitter will be here eating some excellent pre-made meals, playing with the cat, and completing her masters’ thesis…)

Here’s the resolution of yesterday’s situation. My husband’s boss flatly refused to reconsider salary. The administration here believes he won’t leave the area because I’m on the verge of tenure. They know that we’re family-oriented and insist on jobs that allow us maximum flexibility to parent well, which is an advantage of his current position. They believe (correctly) that my husband prefers to stay in academia even if he’s not teaching full-time and know that we enjoy working on the same campus which is a five-minute walk from home. So, they’re betting that he values all this stuff more than money and they’re playing hardball on salary, though they’ve been modestly accomodating in other areas.

So…we’re going on vacation. And when we come back, my husband will be looking for a new job. (He’ll keep the old one — he’s not stupid, we’re not solvent enough for him to make a grand proud gesture, and he doesn’t want to leave anyone in the lurch — but he’ll not be trying to hit a home run every day any more and he’ll not be looking for new ways to improve the position. ) Looking for a new and better job, under these circumstances, will be a good thing. Maybe we’ll all be surprised how well it goes. We live in the capital city of the state in a prosperous region and he’s got a PhD and all the skills that go with it. I have a steady job. It’s summertime. There are worse situations to be in.

In all senses, it’s time to go. (I’ll try to blog periodically while at the shore, but if not, I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks.)


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Have a great vacation!

Comment by RockyCat

Have fun! One door closes and another opens… We’re looking for a full-time history instructor here, but that would be a bit of a commute.

On the keeping things in context front – Louis is taking his comps this week. How joyful to not be there again!

Comment by Gerald

Try to have fun!

Comment by Slartibartfast

Have a great vacation

Comment by imfunny2

Given the comments about the family in the post below this, I’m hoping you blog a LOT from the shore. Your discomfort=our entertainment, right???

Seriously, I hope the vacation is exactly what your family needs right now. Luck with the in-laws!!

Comment by hutchmo

Bridgett, I’ve been training an intern this week, and there have been an unusually large number of comments to wade through on the first 2 or 3 blogs I generally look at (for some strange reason). So I’m just now reading all this. I feel for ya. I’ve got an equally difficult (though very different details, it sounds like) in-law visit coming up next weekend. Take a lot of deep breaths, I guess.

Comment by nm

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