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June 6, 2007, 11:26 am
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That’s the sound of shit hitting the fan.

Way back in late March (for the three of you who’ve been reading me that long), you might remember this post, wherein I talked about my husband getting good feedback from his boss and asking for a substantial raise and all that…and being happy that everything seemed to be going really well and everyone was on board with that…


Ok, so that conversation did go well. And then the subject was dropped for about 2 1/2 months. And the contract didn’t come and didn’t come after many askings and reminders, and finally a week before his current contract expires, his boss comes forth with a “reappointment letter” that contains…a very small raise. Sub cost-of-living. No provision for reimbursement of travel (which he does quite a bit for this job). No professional development monies, which are customary in his line of work. No budgetary oversight, which was promised to him. But he did get a terse “well done” for completing a difficult project successfully well before anticipated.

The job is already radically under-compensated. So now we’re on the verge of going on vacation tomorrow and he’s having to decide what to do when they inevitably turn down his raise request for the second time. Does he tell them to stuff it? Keep the job while looking for another, even though that will require some pride-swallowing?

This whole thing sucks. Why do college administrators have to be such monkeys (sorry, Kat…clowns, I mean)?


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I’m sorry – I really do know what this feels like.

As you know, I was an adjunct at my current college for many years before becoming regular faculty. After the first two years we were down to one full-time history instructor and I was basically teaching a full load for adjunct pay. A couple of years before I got hired, about four years after I had started teaching there, they had a search for a full-time history instructor. I applied, of course, and interviewed. The guy who was the one-man history department before me wanted me to be his replacement – and told me so.

I wasn’t hired. The job went to a very intelligent woman with the same academic credentials, less teaching experience than me, and none at the college. The only substantive reason I was given for why she got the job over me was because the copies of the handouts I used during the teaching demonstration part of the interview weren’t dark enough. My boss at the time (the associate dean) told me that they also knew that I probably wouldn’t quit anyway. He believed this because my mother was on total disability, all her doctors were around here, and I was taking care of her. Hence, I couldn’t leave. I’m in rural NC – there are not a lot of options for teaching around here.

I left the office before I exploded. They had me over a barrel – and knew it – so they greased away and went to town.

I thought about quitting right then. What I finally decided was that the other necessities of my life meant I needed to swallow the remnanats of my dignity. Mom couldn’t leave and I had to work. Doing the work I was trained for and loved rather than working at an empty job that I’d hate meant more to me than the indignity of going along with getting reamed. In the end things worked out well. Administrations changed, the person they hired quit after 18 months (no suprise – she had “I’m just doing this until a real job comes along” stamped on her forehead), and I got a full-time gig doing what I love.

But I still don’t trust anyone in the administration – at least not completely. Their priorities will never be mine, and I’d be a fool to forget that.

Comment by Gerald

Dang. This day just gets worse and worse.

So sorry.

Comment by Slartibartfast

I’m sorry.

Comment by listmaker

mfkr!!! wordpress ate my two-paragraph comment!

the gist was this: I’m really sorry. Bridgett and Gerald were both brutalized. Many administrations are like that. They say the common enemy for the students and faculty is always the administration. How can people intelligent enough to hold advanced degrees still be so evil? It’s like once administrators get that ring of power, they go the way of Gollum, or something.

Comment by Nick Dupree

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Clowns, definitely.

Jackasses, too.

I’d offer employment advice but the last guy to take any from me has been out of steady work for 5 months.

Comment by Katherine Coble

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