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The sound you hear is my students’ heads exploding
June 5, 2007, 1:27 pm
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I just sent them their book lists for next semester, with the implication that they might want to do some reading over the summer.


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Oh, if only…

Several of us at my fine institution would really like to get to a point where students are enrolling AT LEAST a semester in advance. As it is, we’ll have our last big advising-and-registration fest about three days before classes start in the fall. It is not unusual at all for us to start classes without having received current roll sheets.

We’ve been hearing for two years about the wonderful new software system that is going to sort out everything. When WebAdvisor arrives, we can do anything, know everything, the sky will be more blue, the birds sing more sweetly, and the lion shall lay down with the lamb, oh yeah…

Comment by Gerald

We use Banner and while our current Registrar is…uhh….how shall I say this diplomatically….perhaps not using it to the best of its capacities, it really has made a huge difference in our ability to advise, to contact students prior to the start of the semester, to schedule appointments with students (because we have their
course schedule, so we know when they are free), and so forth. It’s also meant that we’ve gotten stuck with stuff that used to be secretarial/data entry work, but it’s a trade-off I was willing to make for the other benefits it conferred. Everyone but our late transfers and late-admit freshmen are enrolled by June 1.

Now whether they will actually take the hint, get the books, and read, I don’t know. At least the ones in financial straits can figure out how to borrow them from area libraries now.

Comment by bridgett

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