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June 3, 2007, 5:10 pm
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Gerald asked me to do the Random 8 meme. I’m not very good at these, but I’ll give it a shot.

1) I’m a barefoot sort of a person. The only places I favor shoes over not shoes is in barnyards and outhouses.
2) I am handy. I know how to refinish hardwood floors, raise my own food, can beans, sew a dress, bake bread, change the oil on my car, paint the house, and so forth. I like knowing practical things. I cannot hang or tape drywall, though.
3) I have a very high pain tolerance. That is not such a good thing, as I sometimes don’t go in for treatment when I should. It did make childbirth relatively straightforward though. I’m a little embarassed about this, as other women seem to love to outdo each other on how much they hurt during their delivery and I can’t really add anything to the conversation without sounding like a nut. Sorry, ladies, but I’ve had twisted ankles that hurt worse.
4) I’ve worked at a little of everything in my life. I have run a cash register. I’ve washed dishes. I’ve served food. I’ve skip-traced. I’ve worked in a funhouse. I’ve farmed. I’ve worked retail. I’ve managed an office. I’ve worked in publishing. I’ve indexed. I’ve worked in a library. I’ve sung professionally. And so forth. I’ve learned that I can do whatever’s required and so I never fear losing my current job. There’s always something else to be done.
5) The fastest I’ve ever driven is 115 mph. I used to have a bit of a wild streak.
6) My favorite floral smell is stargazer lilies because I carried a bouquet of them when I got married.
7) I have a huge collection of 1920s-1940s dance music on 78 records. Yes, I dance to them.
8. I have slowly been ebaying most of the memorabilia that I’ve picked up in the first forty years of my life. I want to clear out room to become somebody else in the next forty, somebody who doesn’t need so much crap. One of the stupidest things is that people are actually buying this stuff. For example, some guy in Hong Kong is paying nearly $40 for the privilege of buying my 1982 David Bowie jersey that I wore out and then stuck in a trunk. More power to you, dude….I had my fun with it back in the day. Anyhow, I plan to be crap-free by Christmas. Whatever doesn’t sell or that I am not using will be given to local charities. My paper stuff (twenty-some years worth of letters, diaries, journals) is being donated to a women’s archive I used to work at where it can be preserved correctly. I’m happier with less and my kid doesn’t need to be saddled with all my mistaken purchases.

Dang. That was hard. Anyone that blogs that wants to pick up this torch, go forth and do thou likewise.


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#8 — Is this archive the same one to which I should have donated your letters to me? I’ve been meaning to do that for about a decade now; I *REALLY* need to attend to it.

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