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Doing without being Asked
June 1, 2007, 5:21 pm
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My husband is feeling down today. Petty work hassles. Routine money worries. The usual things that get a white guy who is headed toward middle age with more degrees than employability, a mortgage to pay, a falling down fence, a roof that leaks, and a kid whose desire for Crocs is only outstripped by her hunger for more dance lessons (both of which cost that one thing needful).

Everything is eating his ass, in other words.

I’m not in much of a position to pull him up. My job is what stuck us in this town. My sub-par salary is what landed us in this ramshackle fixer-upper in a “transitional” (read: ignored by white politicians until a week or two before elections”) neighborhood. It really is my fault, in a “count your blessings and be careful what you wish for” sort of a way. It’s a life. It has its joys and its problems.

What I can do is step up and do some of the tasks that he always does, without being asked and without complaining, even though I know they aren’t his favorite. I can clean the cat box. After all, he is allergic to cats and has put up with being the main monkey love object for our huge (nearly a yard long and almost 15 pounds) and hugely affectionate cat. I can take out all the garbage — not just my office trash, but the kitchen can that I stuff to the gills because I never want to take it on outside. When he comes home and the thought flits through his mind “dammit, why can’t somebody else do this for a change?” he will trudge off to chore after chore and find them done.

Because sometimes when you’re married, you have to understand when to do things without being asked.


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