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A sleep-in day…
May 25, 2007, 7:27 am
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Kid’s off from school today and it’s just about time. She came home yesterday sobbing about a) leaving her hoodie on the playground; b) being hot; c) being itchy; d) getting kicked by a mean kid at soccer; e) everything else in the world. She’s usually a really even-tempered child, so I think that something else is down in there working its way out. I’m glad, though, that she has a little time to kick back and process.

The good thing about her having a day off during my vacation span is that for once, we both get to sleep in. We rise early pretty much every day around here. She’s been an early bird since infancy and my husband usually reports to work by 8. Well, today, he’s arranged to show up later. We all slept in until 8. He’s downstairs cooking french toast. It’s a day without plans or deadlines. Maybe we’ll walk to the park. Maybe we’ll walk down to the museum. The weather looks good, so maybe a picnic is in the offing.

The extra sleep has restored me to feeling human again. Whatever we do, I’ll enjoy it a hundred percent more than yesterday.


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