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My litany of complaints — May 21st edition
May 21, 2007, 7:29 am
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Anyone know how long it takes a back injury to heal? One of the lesser annoyances at the time of my fall was that I twisted my back (the same muscle set that you use for common activities as turning over in bed and backing the car out of the driveway). As my ankle slowly improves (hey, I can walk down the stairs with alternating feet! I can almost point my toes!), the back thing is emerging as the more long-lasting and intrusive damage.

My usual M.O. is to suck it up. It used to be the case that doctors can’t do a damn thing for muscle pulls except provide palliative care for pain. I hear that they now don’t even want to do that. So I haven’t really rushed to the doctor or anything.

Oh collective wisdom of the Internet, I beseech you. Tell me: what’s the best home remedy for a back pull? And how long should I expect to put up with this?


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Which feels better, ice or heat?? use what you like…also, whatever otc or alternative pain med you use.

You will probably notice that it’s worse in the morning and loosens up later in the day…
If you do cave and use otc pain stuff use before you sleep in the evening and just when you get up…midday if the heat or cold is helping it, you may not need to hit the otc pain stuff.

Comment by imfunny2

Good advice. I usually pop an ibuprofen — subject to the consultation of the rules of usage I mentioned before — about 20 minutes before bed. If I get the first four hours of sleep pain-free, then I can often stay asleep for another one or two before I get up. I like heat better, but my tender comrade insists that ice actually would work better.

I was playing soccer today (I know, I was not supposed to be doing that…and really, I was just instructing kids on playing goal) and now my ankle is on fire. At least I’m not worrying about my back…

Comment by bridgett

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