My Beautiful Wickedness

Others write better of this than I can. But something must be said.

Du’a Khalel Aswad, a Kurdish teenager, was stoned to death on April 7, 2007. Her stoning was filmed and distributed widely online. Obviously, I’m not linking to it. The murder has sparked additional global activism for women’s rights but has gotten very little coverage outside the internet in the US. Unfortunately, the Us-based blog talk has been mostly of pursuing her murderers or the whole “let’s talk about how traumatized I am by her murder” thing that pulls the focus away from the dead woman, her life, her self and the theft of her possibility. A writer named Theriomorph — whose site is filled with great pieces of writing — has written Du’a Khalel Aswad’s story, not just the story of her murderers.

Mags, you’ll especially want to read this, I think.

Edited to add:The lovely host of Martini Ministry makes the right connections too. Honor killings are exemplary in nature and meant to terrorize all women who view them (thus my disgust with the eagerness with which bloggers have jumped to distribute this visual). We have the privilege of looking away (after all it’s not in my neighborhood), but the system that approves her killing, tacitly consents by letting it slip by without comment, or draws the wrong fucking conclusion (it’s because Muslims are barbarians, y’all — ignoring the US epidemic of domestic violence) entraps us all.


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