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Well, I never.
May 17, 2007, 9:04 pm
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I’m not a high-brow person. I have a very ordinary life. I was a working-class kid raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I like without a particle of irony a lot of things that other people find kitschy. I make a mean casserole.

For someone so normal, I’ve missed a lot of routine experiences for a person my age (42). This is readily apparent when talk turns to movies. I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing. I have never seen any of the American Pie series. I have never seen Saturday Night Fever. I finally saw Animal House about six months ago.

TV — I have never seen a complete episode of Seinfeld or 90210. I finally saw a complete episode of the original Trek (this after living with three Trekkies back-to-back for a total of twenty-four years) this November. I have never seen even a frame of the Sopranos or the Wire or Lost or Battlestar Galactica. No Firefly. No Buffy. I have taken to reading Television without Pity so that I can converse with students and not sound like an out-of-touch dumbass, but I usually get too preoccupied doing something else to remember when the TV show is on. However, I am totally committed to “So You Think You Can Dance” and will watch every bit of it and be sad when it’s over.

I like to read and I thought that college would be all about discussing the western canon (little did I know it would be about smoking pot and drinking Bud Light). So I am very well-read on the “classics” of European (especially British) Lit and the great white guys of American letters. If it was written after 1960, though, I probably haven’t read it. When I am feeling regretful about this, I think of it as a savings plan whereby I can go back and read the really good stuff while skipping shit like Erich Segal’s A Love Story and Johnathan Livingston Seagull.

So, what about you guys? Any surprising omissions in your cultural resumes? Things you think you probably should get around to viewing, reading, or doing?


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This will surprise you….

One of the blessings of NotTeaching…

I’m out of touch with current pop music, much of current episodic TV….

On the downside….I have resisted going to Books On Tape, and I’ll have to start because my hands are too weak to do the “hold the book open and turn the pages” thing.

I have bought a few e-books though

Comment by imfunny2

I’ve never seen an episode of Buffy. Or watched any of Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know if I have any interest in trying either of those. Oh wait. I don’t.

Things I should do, but haven’t yet…

Hmmmm. I may have to think about that some more.

Comment by Katherine Coble

Gaps: just about any pop music from the ’80s, or any country music from the first half of the ’90s. I couldn’t bring myself to listen. Any teen movies–I mean any, including the good ones and the classics–starting with Porky’s. I mean, I think I’ve seen most of The Breakfast Club on TV at one time or another, but I still don’t know how it comes out. And I’ve seen two Seinfeld episodes and decided life was too short, and never seen most other TV shows, including any from my childhood because we didn’t have a TV in the house. I didn’t own one at all until I was in my late 30s. I don’t feel bad about any of this except for the ’80s pop, which means that I don’t understand how sounds got from what I used to listen to to what I listen to now, which drives me crazy. And, Bridgett, I took the opposite tack from you; I used to ask my students straight out what rap or hip-hop I ought to listen to, and have them play me choice cuts on their Walkmans–I figured that was pretty much the best recommendations I was going to get.

And I’ve never read Moby Dick. I don’t feel this as a lack, exactly, but considering the other important works of American Lit I’ve read for fun, it’s kind of surprising.

Comment by nm

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