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May 17, 2007, 11:39 am
Filed under: Bitching Rather Than Doing

As astute readers (that would be all of you, dears) may have surmised, I’ve been walking a lot more than is probably wise considering the sprain and all. I won’t use crutches (because then I have sore armpits and arms as well as a bum ankle) and so I hippity-hop like Walter Brennan’s rabbit. This is the cue for my mobility-impaired readers to tease me for my maladaptivity and rookie screw-ups. yeah yeah… Predictably (given other circumstances in my life requiring my fully locked upright position), my ankle is bumming out. Still, I have a mostly sedentary job. It’s not like this is sufficiently painful that I can’t concentrate or anything.

I must simply face the fact that I would rather go back to bed and take a nap than do any of the unappealing shitjobs currently on my list of “tasks that must be done at no certain time in the future.” Yes, I have a list titled just that. Do you doubt it? I also have a list titled “Today’s Stuff” and “By the end of the week” and “By the end of the month,” and “by Labor Day.”I also have a list of “things I plan to do in the next year,” “things I want to do in the next five years,” and “things to do in the next decade.” My daughter’s high school graduation just moved onto that last list.

I can bust out today’s stuff like nobody’s business. That list was killed before 6 am. I also took care of my “end of the week” list and the “end of the month” is still comfortably far away that I can do some sub-tasks and feel ok about making progress.
The “before Labor Day” list has the big and scary “create tenure portfolio,” which is just too overwhelming to think about as a chunk so I’ve spent about fifteen minutes breaking it down into bite-size chunks and distributing them in their appropriate categories. The fun parts of the summer list (like “go see a baseball game” and “take a weekend trip to Montreal” and “drive to the beach”) can’t be accomplished right now. It’s been a pretty productive day, though, with lots of red lines and only a few blue arrows as stuff gets bumped to the next list over.

So we’re really down to the obligatory shoulds of my life that I have dumped on this list because I know I really should book dental appointments for the whole family but I really don’t want to do so. Why? Because I’d like someone else to do this for me. Because I hate going to the dentist (plenty of orthodonist/dental surgeries in my past…I’ve done my time). Because the damn dentist always wants to extract my wisdom teeth and I can’t see the point. I know I really should get a Pap smear and a bewb-smash, but I don’t want the weight lecture or the cold feet in the stirrups or any of that. I should start on a new article (no one publishes what they haven’t gotten a chance to read), but I’m being stupid about that too. And so forth.

Nap wins.


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Aacck. Dentistry. Bleah.

I’ve scared myself lately.

I’ve Started Making Lists…

I have not yet progressed to leaving many Sticky Notes on each kitchen cabinet however.

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