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May 4, 2007, 7:56 pm
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I’ve got a rant going on about the LA situation…and the settler-state legacy…and…but I also had some weird student interludes today that are still kind of weighing on me.

The student who pretended, right up to the moment when I told her that she had not turned in any homework over the course of the semester, that she was going to get some homework back. She assured me she had them all on her hard-drive…yeah…waiting to receive them…

The student who plagiarized and could not seem to understand that she wasn’t going to be allowed to redo the work, as the semester was now over.

The student who wrote me this long message about how sick he was and he was headed to the hospital for testing and could he take his final on Monday (ok, I said)…and then I saw him moving his girlfriend’s boxes out of her dorm and into his car. He did, in fact, begin to look sick when he saw he was busted.

The student who I congratulated on his upcoming graduation, only to get an e-mail from him later telling me that he’d had some trouble on a comps response and that he would have to retake a segment of his exit exams.

The grad assistant who had disappeared for 7 weeks and then showed up unexpectedly with her timesheet for me to sign without any explanation of why I should vouch for work that I’ve never seen….

Just a whole bunch of reality-challenged behavior or unexpected stuff that went awkwardly.


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