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April 25, 2007, 9:00 pm
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According to the latest state survey, only 38% of
the students in my city’s high school will graduate in four years.


I don’t know how to process such a low number.

Fewer than 50% will ever graduate. Most of the drop-outs will be black or Latino. The drop-outs are disproportionately female.

I watch this boy walk to school each morning, rain or shine. He doesn’t wear a coat, even on the coldest mornings. I have wanted to go out and give him one of my husband’s coats but I am afraid he would be scared of me or more likely be embarrassed. I have watched him go to school now for three years, seen him go from a geeky leggy 9th grader to a filled-out young man with a bit of a beard. I don’t know him, where he lives, what kind of education he’s getting in a place so dispiriting that over 60% of the students drop out. All I know is that I want him to keep making that walk and I know that the odds are not good that he will.


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Sadly, I don’t think the statistics are much better for NearbyCity.

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