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A X Things Meme
April 23, 2007, 8:50 pm
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Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me:

1) I have an irrational hatred of Helena Bonham Carter. Don’t ask me why — I said it was irrational, didn’t I?
2) I am a hair experimenter. After twenty-some years of butt-length hair, I decided that it was time to let my freak flag fly. It’s been blue. It’s been butched. It’s been braided in a thousand tiny braids. Now it’s just naturally curly shaggy, collar length.
3) I am going to hell for misleading my toddler daughter about the ice cream truck. I told her that it was a public service performed by the new city we had just moved to — the trucks drove around and reminded people to be happy. She thought that was swell. She believed me for the next three years.
4) My handwriting was completely illegible until I was about eleven. I had to go to a “special” class in second grade because my teacher thought there might be something wrong with me since my IQ tests were so high but she couldn’t read a word I wrote.
5) I started first grade when I was four years old. I was tested “academically ready” to go to first grade when I was three, but my parents thought that I wasn’t really emotionally ready. Besides, I was still taking naps.
6) My favorite car is a 1964 Ford Fairlane 500. That was my brother’s first car and I still think the little round taillights are about the coolest thing ever.
7) I learned about sex from Nicole Tomasek in tenth grade. She and her mother had “the talk” (around my house we had “the silence”) and she passed the info along. When she asked if I had any questions, I blurted out “Just how long is this all supposed to take?” (Yeah. Like I had such a busy schedule…what the hell was I thinking?) She opined maybe 15 minutes? Maybe a half-hour? It would be another four years before I would get to try to put the knowledge into practice. Her time estimates, like much else about that discussion, were a little off.
8) My secondary historical field is Latin America. I came very close to specializing in Brazilian history. I would have had to learn Portuguese, but I’m good with languages.
9) I am related to both the Hatfields and the McCoys. My grandmother was the granddaughter of Devil Anse Hatfield.
10) My family is very musical. I have cousins who are members of the Opry, other cousins who are big in the field of traditional gospel. My uncle’s in the bluegrass hall of fame. Pretty much all of us play and sing.


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Count me as another handwriting failure.

When I was eleven (what is it about being eleven?) my parents ended up enrolling me in a calligraphy class. It was a stroke (ha! handwriting pun!) of genius, because they ultimately appealed to my artistic sense as a way to improve my handwriting. It worked, but the side effect is that now my regular cursive looks really arty with many broad strokes and flourishes. Some amateur graphologist in college told me that I had secret sexual perversions because of the high arches and deep descents of my letters.

I could never convince the guy that it was merely a side-effect of mastering cursive through chancery lettersets

Comment by Katherine Coble

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