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April 15, 2007, 7:47 pm
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Because I learned to embed Youtube stuff today….

If Marshall Crenshaw is the sound of possible beauty, Graham Parker is the sound of a conclusion reached after a long painful Saturday night alone. He reminds me of listening to Sam Cooke on a fuzzy AM station with some bleed-through from WSM:

Here’s maybe the best song he’s written yet, but he’s still writing so I’ll not close the book on him.

His was the first concert I ever went to — a triple-bill of the Romantics, GP, and Journey (talk about your line-ups designed in hell). I remember three things about the Romantics: they didn’t have much material beyond their single; the lead singer had an obvious lisp; and some people just shouldn’t wear red leather pants. Steve Perry could sing, but I hated his material. But Graham. Man. He was something. He still is.


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I am a big GP fan. I woke up this morning and thought all the comparisons with Dylan and Costello underestimate GP and that he really is more like Sam Cooke, if anyone. And then there was your post!

Comment by jerry

Jerry, thanks for dropping in. Do you happen to know what GP is up to these days? I know he tours (with aggravatingly low turnouts, considering the quality he’s laying down), but I also heard something about him playing semi-pro rugby?

Comment by bridgett

Those of us in the NY metro area have been lucky to have a steady stream of GP solo shows(He lives in Woodstock NY). The great news is that he’s touring with a band starting this Thurs. I have a ticket for a Teaneck NJ and a Sellersville Pa show. He is touring in support of a new CD “Don’t Tell Columbus” which is great. He plays almost all instruments on the CD(including Kazoo)…I have been known to hand out kazoos at his recent shows and I am active on his Yahoo group list. We Parkerilla’s do not consider “Human Soul” to be his best work, although there are active disputes about our favorites. If you like My Love’s Strong I recommend my personal favorite “12 Haunted Episodes” which I believe to be the most beautiful album ever. Speaking of Sam Cooke, GP does a great Cupid on Mona Lisa’s Sister, and he often plays it A Capella in his solo shows.

Rugby? He’s 57 years old! But he supposedly still plays serious soccer in the Woodstock NY area and his teammates show up when he plays nearby.

Comment by jerry

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