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Watching Baseball on TV (random bits)
April 14, 2007, 5:33 pm
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Fox does have its uses. Angels v Red Sox with Schilling pitching. (Or as he’s known around here, St. Bloody Sock.) I watched many of the current Angels when they played minor league ball for the Cedar Rapids Kernels. So this is should be an enjoyable game.

Mike Lowell — worth every penny. Manny, Manny, Manny — slackass runner in Cleveland, slackass runner in Boston, but with a batting record like his, ain’t nobody going to say nothing when he dogs it on his pop-flies. Mike Scioscia (Angels coach) looks surprisingly like Bob Knight. (Maybe it’s the bright red jacket?)

Hood’s Ice Cream Red Sox Bars — delicious, but what joker designed it with “no stick”?

Pills designed to help ED apparently make men want to move their bathtubs out to the beach. No wonder they can’t get their pipes to work. Sleep aids make you hallucinate giant luna moths. All depressed people own dogs.

The 1967 Red Sox team are OOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD. That’s the first team I can really remember watching, so I’m taken aback at what 40 years will do to a feller.

If your only cultural referent was Saturday afternoon TV, you’d think that all there was to life was violence, sex, restaurants, shopping, cars, lawncare, pills, and beer. This explains America a little better.


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