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O Frabjous Day — My List of Happy
March 30, 2007, 11:11 am
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So much going right all at once I hardly know how to comport myself.

1) Kid’s feeling better and looked forward to going back to school today.
2) Recipe for jambalaya showed up that maximizes my leftover using capacity without making it too obvious.
3) Husband is meeting with his boss next week and will be asking for much-merited raise. Will he get at least some of what he asks for? Signs point to yes.
3a) I received my new contract proposal. My salary has increased by 25% in the four years I have taught here and I’m up for an equity adjustment in the fall that will add about another 3k to the base. I sometimes feel like I’m working my head off (and if measured by national numbers, I’m still not doing so good for someone of my education, academic position, and professional attainments), but at least everything is moving in the right direction and the administration is both noticing and attempting to compensate me adequately.
4) My “project for which I wrote a big grant which I really can’t say much about except that it has to do with diversifying academia while steering the intellectual agenda of my field towards issues that consume me personally” is now entering its second year and has not only accomplished all Year One objectives but has exceeded the granting agencies expectations. I’ve been invited to apply for a renewal at a higher funding level!
4a) Managed to finally give away the scholarships associated with #4. It’s harder than you think to give away a lot of money when what you’re looking for is very talented people with a lot of options.
5) I’m nearly done with my grading for a test administered on Wednesday, well exceeding my self-imposed rule to turn back things within a week of receipt.
6) House is still clean. Meals still in freezer, as I have not gotten sick yet. Fingers still crossed.
7) Stress with mom appears to have completely cleared up now that we are not sharing a single house.
8) Weekend sports are on the horizon. Opening Day is on Sunday. Go Sox.
9) Nearly a fifth of our majors are going to join our profession’s honors society. My recruiting efforts worked.
10) Again on the diversifying academia front, I’m going to sit on a committee to recruit a Latino scholar for a joint appointment between education, Spanish, and American Studies. We are getting so many Dominican and Nuevo Rican students in NY schools that it’s beyond time that we respond to that academic need.
11) Going to see an Afro-Cuban dance company tonight if everyone is still feeling good when they get home.
12) Sun is shining. I have milk for my coffee. My panties fit.

Yay me.


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It all comes down to the panties. They are the source of good. I’m truly believing that.

Great news on the influx of capital at all fronts…congrats.

Store up on the well-fitting panties to ensure you stave off disease.

Comment by Katherine Coble

Very cool that project’s raises etc are on schedule and moving along.


Here’s Hoping for the Elf’s finances too

Comment by imfunny2

[…] in late March (for the three of you who’ve been reading me that long), you might remember this post, wherein I talked about my husband getting good feedback from his boss and asking for a substantial […]

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