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Still Waiting (should maybe be titled Random Thinkies?)
March 29, 2007, 1:38 pm
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My kid’s been out of school for the past two days. My husband’s slowly recovering from flu (back to work after being down on Tuesday and Wednesday). Inevitably, my immune system will surely have to buckle. I’m just trying to think of a really inconvenient time for it to do so. I am actually looking forward to sitting on my ass and watching basketball this weekend, so it clearly has to strike me down next week when I’m supposed to be teaching.

My “independent college founded by Catholic nuns and sporting a Catholic name, but we don’t have a Catholic church on campus, nor do we have crucifixes in the classroom, but about a third of our Board of Trustees are Catholic clergy or
nuns, but we don’t care if you perform the Vagina Monologues” is going through a little kick of religious exploration. This week, a Lama is on campus doing a Sand Mandala and we’re having a lecture series on the intersections of art and religion to go with that. Saturday, the interfaith sanctuary will host a Voudou ceremony honoring Legba, the Opener of the Path. Last week, we had a panel of Baptist ministers discussing Paul’s message for American society today. Next week, we’re hosting a Seder and Holy Week stuff…

Now I’m off to meditate on impermanence and the ways I have suffered needlessly when I have failed to perceive the necessity of change and opportunities it contains.


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