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Going for the Gold….
March 25, 2007, 8:55 pm
Filed under: Family and Friends

X-treeeeeeme gold, that is.

We’re all back from the dance competition and though it was stressful and tiring (for me, not for the Kid), I’m glad we did it. She danced well and after some initial disappointment that another friend scored higher than she did, she was happy with her performance. She landed all her leaps correctly, she completed the rotations on her double pirouette, and she held her leg catch almost the full counts. Considering that all of these are new skills, I think she’s got a lot to feel proud about. As far as the scores go, she won gold medals in all four dances. (Then again, dance scoring is like ordering coffee at Starbucks — there isn’t a small. To be more or maybe less precise, she won a gold and three extreme golds, which translates into a B and an A-. Room to improve if she wants to work on it, but also something satisfying in and of itself.)

More to the point, both my husband and my kid caught the stuffed monkeys that this dance competitions distributes at the awards. This excited them far more than the hardware. Grandma also came all the way from Kentucky to see her dance, so that was a big deal too.


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Did someone say STUFFED MONKEYS!?!?!

So where is this dance competition and how would one go about entering???

Congrats on the skills and the medals.

Comment by Katherine Coble

Congrats to the budding dancer.

I’m glad I found you again; thanks for the heads up.

Comment by listie

Wonderful! Picturing Grandmother in the audience…that must have been a great thing…Three cheers for the dancer, and the monkeys and the awards 🙂

Comment by imfunny2

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