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Singin’ and Drinkin’

Seems like the thing to do on a cold Saturday evening…put on some old Rod Stewart records (“An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down” and “Every Picture Tells a Story”) and sing. If a little red wine enriched the proceedings, well, that didn’t hurt.

I don’t do this enough any more.


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Me neither…

Comment by imfunny2

EPTAS has that beautiful cover of Dylan’s “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”. I absolutely love that song.

Comment by KC

Thank you both for dropping by and come back when you can.

Kat — EPTAS is one of the first records I ever owned, a cast-off from my ever-so-cool-did-I-happen-to-mention-that-he’s-in-a-rock-band-and-he’s-twelve-years-older-than-me-so-he’s-just-my-idol brother Larry. Larry had come to Stewart through Jeff Beck and Larry’s own band covered a lot of Faces stuff, so I think it was kind of a natural progression for him. My parents were pretty hardcore bluegrass and country listeners, though my mom was a closet pop listener when my dad wasn’t around — but both of them would listen to British blues and folk. So EPTAS kind of became musical common ground. I’ve listened to it so much that it’s hard for me to have a favorite, though probably his cover of Tim Hardin’s Reason to Believe would win in a squeaker. I didn’t realize until years later that the phrasing that I loved in Stewart’s delivery was in turn ripped off from Sam Cooke. Some day I’ll do a post about how much I love Sam Cooke and assessing the various white guys (like Graham Parker, bless him) that borrowed heavily from Cooke. But I don’t want to reveal all my awesome musical obsessive nuttiness all at once. Might scare folks away.

Comment by mybeautifulwickedness

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